Mission Statement


We propose that every person is touched, moved and healed by music, which is integral to the human experience. Our core beliefs are:

The building of musical instruments by hand, primarily from wood – lutherie – is a singularly complex achievement of human culture. It is an alchemy of history, tradition & innovation; craft & sculpture; acoustics, physics & engineering; labor, passion & countless years of experience.  The first note of an instrument is an unforgettable, enriching and fulfilling experience for the maker, and opens up a whole new world for the player.

Music is unparalleled in its cultural significance and impact across civilization. It is infinite and keeps evolving across time, place, religion and culture.  It is the door into our souls, the balm for our spirit, an inspiration to feel deeply, our common language, and the heart of community.

Music is created in an intimate and symbiotic relationship between the player and the instrument. Each separate, but acting in harmony with each other, reaching out and expressing unknown boundaries of emotion and energy. The perfect instrument is a joy to see, hold, play and hear. Its creation is the beginning of an ever-growing journey which begins when the first note is struck. It is a living extension of each luthier and player, reaching out and connecting all of us through music.

The fundamental mission of SBAIC is to provide a forum at which luthiers and musicians can gather with the public to share their journeys to find common ground.