In 2017 we Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passion of our leader, Jean Larrivée, whose legendary craftsmanship still finds its way into every guitar that bears his name.  We are a new generation of talented guitar makers – building instruments as extraordinary and unique as the people who craft them – and who play them.

Our guitars are built with only the finest solid woods available – no plys, laminates or synthetic woods are ever used in construction. We use FSC wood and engage in as much selective logging as possible. This means we like to be there, in the forest, personally taking part.  When we begin to create your instrument, we begin on the forest floor.

Above all, our goal is ‘affordable luxury’ – we aim to put high-end guitars into the hands of all players. We don’t want to build the most guitars.  We just want to build the best.

Larrivee Guitars has generously donated a sole re-creation of Tommy Emmanuel’s custom C10 guitar, which he will play, sign and GIVE AWAY to one lucky orchestra level ticket buyer in a special benefit concert for the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. Tommy, one of the world’s great fingerstyle players and an amazing showman, will play a fabulous 2 set concert on July 22, 2017 in his only central coast date. This guitar is not available anywhere but at this show.  $15 from every ticket will be donated to the Celebration Lutherie Endowment Fund and Pay It Forward Bank, which assists musicians’ and luthiers’ air travel expenses so that we can bring you the finest music and craftsmanship from around the world.  But you can only win it if you come!  And catch a GREAT act while you’re at it.

From his first guitar in 1967, Bruce Sexauer has hand-built each instrument uniquely in a never ending pursuit of growth. Although widely considered a top tier luthier having over 500 completed instruments behind him, progress is at an unprecedented pace today. Perhaps best known for his steel stringed acoustic guitars, in both traditional and contemporary styles, Bruce currently also makes fully carved arch-top guitars, flamenco guitars, and violins! Working without assistance, and using traditional Spanish inspired methods including Hot Hide Glue and his personally applied Oil Varnish finish, each instrument is the fruit of the Artistic process, though he considers them to be artists tools rather than the art itself.

There are many hats that must be worn in the pursuit of lutherie, and one of these is a working knowledge of wood. Sexauer choses his own materials, and has acquired an enviable Woodlocker stocked with many times what he expects to be able to use. Most of this wood was acquired between 10 and 30 years ago adding greatly to its value, and the quality of each guitar owners’ experience.

To celebrate his 50th year as a luthier, Bruce will GIVE AWAY a FT-00-WRX GUITAR to one lucky SBAIC attendee, with “no-strings attached” other than the 6 it comes with.  All you do to have a chance to WIN is come to his table, say HI and drop the ticket stub in the jar. He will pick the winner SUNDAY at 1:15 pm in demo room! Prepurchase your pass to make sure you get in on this!

Featuring Adirondack Spruce over California Walnut, this 00 sized 13 fret to the body instrument has additional abalone headstock decoration to commemorate the event, as well as Sexauer’s “Bird” finger-board inlays, which have developed a following of their own. For more about this guitar, follow his BUILD THREAD.

Sexauer SBAICGuitar Demo

Leaning on his early experience as an innovative luthier with clientele including Graham Nash, Jackson Brown, Janis Ian, and Ry Cooder, Lloyd Baggs found his calling in bringing acoustic guitars to life on stage.  With award winning preamps, pickups, and mic based systems, LR Baggs continues to advance the field of acoustic amplification.

Now, after decades of consistently raising the bar in acoustic amplification with the pickups and electronics we have become known for, we are naturally compelled to add another level of quality to your sound by completing the chain from input to output.

Introducing The Synapse – Personal PA System, the result from nearly four years of our most advanced engineering to date. Developed primarily for the singer songwriter and solo acoustic performer, this revolutionary approach to the portable loudspeaker isn’t just visually unique, it will fill a room and impact your audience like no other speaker can.

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