Anderson Group Musical Instrument Coverage is devoted to insuring musical instruments worldwide. Our Anderson Instrument Makers, Dealers, Repairs, Lutherie Insurance Program Luthiers policy uniquely addresses the needs of Musical Instrument Makers, Dealers, and Repairers.


The Royal Nacretory uses 18 shell species to make dozens of inlay products including Abalam®, Gravlam, solid blanks, veneers, strips, and dots.  Synthetic inlay materials include our new DichroLam and  OpalLam, and more.

Production runs of custom designs and logos in mother-of-pearl and abalone since 1993, with a capacity of 60,000 inlays per month. Most of our clients are small high-end guitar, mandolin & banjo manufacturers.



For 42 years Shubb has set the industry standard for high quality fretted instrument accessories including their famous capos, guitar steels and slides. They are the choice of millions of musicians worldwide.

Amps & Speakers

Did you ever wish you could find an amplification system that sounded as good as your favorite tube amp that you could also play your acoustic guitar through and have it sound great? Visit us at the Buscarino Guitars booth and check out our Chameleon Powered Speaker.


Henriksen Amplifiers designs and manufactures high quality analog musical instrument amplifiers in Arvada, Colorado for professional players desiring performance-ready equipment and musicians with a discerning ear for tone.


Handcrafted all-tube amplifiers & loudspeakers designed specifically for acoustic guitars.


For over 30 years LR Baggs has relentlessly pushed the envelope of acoustic amplification while maintaining the highest standard of craftsmanship and reliability.  With roots as a custom guitar builder, Lloyd Baggs refocused his attention to amplifying acoustics in the late 70s and continues to design and manufacture pickups and preamps in California.

Stands & Cases

“A guitar stand that is as elegant and beautiful as your beloved guitar.”
Our handcrafted wood guitar stands for classical and steel-string acoustic guitars are lightweight and show virtually all of your guitar from any angle. Your instrument rests securely on a cradle form with no danger of swaying or stress to the neck from hanging.


Cooperstand Pro Instrument Stands, winner of the 2010 NAMM “Best Of Show”, takes great pride in making portable instrument stands for musicians that fit inside the guitar case. They are made from African sapele for home, studio and display, and ABS composite for stage use.


Solid Ground Stands are finely crafted solid hardwood and genuine leather instrument stands that feature a secure hanging neck yoke, stable 3-point stance, and a portable folding design. Put your favorite guitar on Solid Ground.

Visesnut Cases

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Ultralight flight case with custom suspension interior. 7 pounds empty and exceptionally strong, easily supporting the weight of a 200 pound person standing flat on the lid. The interior can be adjusted in seconds to hug the body with the unique velcro adjustment straps located in the compartment.

The Tonewood Gallery


California Luthier Supplies

The very best and highest quality figured and specialty woods

Guitar, Violin and Bass parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, luthiers, retail stores, and guitar repair shops all over the world.


Fine woods:

Ceylon Satinwood and B&W Ebony for musical instruments

including harp, Weissenborn guitars and ukuleles and

acrylic infused wood/burls for inlay and rosette art.

D 263Livedge Mango

Rare sequential live edge 6/4 mango slabs from a 150 year old native mango tree harvested in a deep gulch at Honokala, Maui.


Half or more of the sound of an instrument is inherently found in the material itself.  Wood selection, cutting, and drying soundboards is critical; I offer all grades (including Master grade) of Red Spruce tops in D and OM sizes along with brace wood.

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